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Taking athletes and a brand to the next level of performance.



Awash with imagery of body builders and a fairly aggressive tone of voice, the confusing category of sports nutrition (unsurprisingly) gives the impression that it’s only for those who want to gain muscle mass. Good for the growth of body builders, but not good for the growth of the brand.


To build on an already successful business, we developed a strategy to help Optimum Nutrition disrupt the category and broaden their audience to a wider spectrum of athletes who can benefit from their products.

Our first campaign, Reach for The Gold Standard Zone, brought to life the drama of that moment when you’re performing at your highest level – taking what it is to be ‘in the zone’ to the next level when your body is as well prepared as your mind.

Bespoke Amazon Storefront

As well as using the content to target specific sports, we also created a bespoke Amazon Storefront for the Gold Standard range—to help new users understand how supplements could help their performance when used as part of a training ritual—making it easier to find and buy what’s right for them.

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