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Tweet : Apr 20th 2018 10:36
@The_IPA Thank you!!
Tweet : Apr 20th 2018 10:32
We're very pleased to share the news that we have been awarded @The_IPA CPD Gold status for the 6th year in a row:
Tweet : Apr 20th 2018 10:32
RT @EffWorks: Just how punishing are the standards #customers have of brands? by @sfmaher of @MBATheAgency #EffWork
Tweet : Apr 18th 2018 16:36
RT @TheMarketingSoc: Dyslexia, autism, ADHD. Today we tackle another taboo topic, neurodiversity - with @MarkEvansFeed and @Pip_Jamieson Se
Tweet : Apr 18th 2018 14:19
“Unless we bring people along with us (in tech), more and more people will reject it.” @JamieJBartlett #MagicandtheMachines
Tweet : Apr 18th 2018 14:11
“What is the trajectory that we’re on when it comes to politics?... how do we stop people losing trust and confidence?” @JamieJBartlett
Tweet : Apr 18th 2018 14:05
Jamie Bartlett, Director at CASM, kicks off his talk with views on Cambridge Analytica and the Trump campaign #MagicandtheMachines @The_IPA
Tweet : Apr 18th 2018 13:59
RT @The_IPA: Congrats to the agencies with #CPDPlatinum accreditation, who have received #CPDGold for 4 years or more (1/2) @MBATheAgency #
Tweet : Apr 18th 2018 13:12
Helen Tupper, Commercial Marketing Director at Microsoft UK is about to announce the @The_IPA CPD Gold award winners! #MagicandtheMachines
Tweet : Apr 18th 2018 13:06
We’ve arrived at @The_IPA Member’s Lunch at Hilton London Bankside #MagicandtheMachines
Tweet : Apr 16th 2018 12:32
G&T's in office for a very good cause - a campaign to help beat Malaria. Thank you to @FeverTreeMixers @sipsmith #MalariaMustDie
Tweet : Apr 1st 2018 13:25
@helen_power @dmquinlan You’re lucky there was some left Helen, it was very popular! (And award-winning!) ????
Tweet : Apr 1st 2018 13:25
RT @helen_power: Thanks @MBATheAgency for saving me a slice of @dmquinlan award-winning carrot cake! It was???? #companybakeoff #cake https://
Tweet : Apr 1st 2018 13:25
A very successful MBA Easter Bake Off - congrats @dmquinlan ????
Tweet : Mar 28th 2018 13:01
We’re proud to be one of the agencies supporting Promote UK, a cross-industry group to promote British advertising around the world, working in partnership with the Department of International Trade:
Tweet : Mar 21st 2018 17:01
This week @InvestecClick have set up a cafe in Waterloo Station, sharing their expertise and serving complimentary coffee!
Tweet : Mar 20th 2018 17:34
RT @sarahgwoodley: Wow! @TheMarketingSoc Enhanced Performance day at @McLarenGroup has just commenced. Very excited as we take our seats. h
Tweet : Mar 20th 2018 17:33
Our CEO @sfmaher discusses the topic of brand safety at Campaign’s roundtable at this year's Mobile World Congress:
Tweet : Mar 13th 2018 17:25
We're taking the Real Living Wage Pledge to help more people start creative careers. Find out more via @Campaignmag
Tweet : Mar 6th 2018 11:18
It seems the lovely @thewhitmore has noticed our work for @InvestecClick!
Tweet : Mar 5th 2018 10:14
Our CEO @sfmaher shares his key takeaways from this year's Mobile World Congress with @Campaignmag
Tweet : Mar 5th 2018 10:13
RT @EffWorks: Just how punishing are the standards #customers have of brands? by @sfmaher of @MBATheAgency #EffWork
Tweet : Feb 28th 2018 09:23
RT @sfmaher: @mwcbcn2018 #4YFN the wonderful Aline Santos from Unilever championing #Women4Tech ‘ Diversity is the mother of creativity ‘ h
Tweet : Feb 28th 2018 09:23
RT @sfmaher: @mwcbcn2018 BT CEO Gavin Patterson - unique content focus remains on sport and as an ‘ super aggregator ‘ of Netflix etc else
Tweet : Feb 28th 2018 09:22
RT @sfmaher: @mwcbcn2018 Dr Paula Boddington from Oxford Uni Computer Science dept - AI is pushing us to question boundaries of human respo
Tweet : Feb 15th 2018 17:48
Our Senior Planner Caitlin Evans shares her favourite out of home campaign, from OK Cupid: @Campaignmag
Tweet : Feb 15th 2018 17:46
RT @EffWorks: Do you really understand your #socialmedia impact? @sfmaher of @MBATheAgency & #IPASocialWorks on #m
Tweet : Feb 5th 2018 11:21
RT @The_IPA: 13 Reasons Why... Leaders need to empathise, by @MeganRex of @MBATheAgency
Tweet : Feb 5th 2018 10:31
Our CEO @sfmaher has been appointed to the board at @DMA_UK:
Tweet : Feb 1st 2018 11:47
RT @EffWorks: It's all about #culture. New research from @CIMA_UK_News & @The_IPA presented at #Effweek '17 by @FranCassidy1

Sage by Heston Blumenthal  - #Spreading the #JuiceLoveJuiceLove
Sage by Heston Blumenthal
#Spreading the #JuiceLoveJuiceLove
CRM/Customer engagement
A strong support network of friends and family is key to successfully starting a healthier lifestyle
Mar 19th 2018 17:05:41
Click & Invest - Opening Doors
Click & Invest
Opening Doors
We built and launched Investec's new online investment platform Click & Invest
Jan 10th 2018 14:37:41
Google - Moments that matter
Moments that matter
CRM/Customer engagement
Amplifying Google Adword sales for small and medium sized businesses
Jan 10th 2018 14:31:32
O2 - Creating Personalised Holograms
Creating Personalised Holograms
MBA targets high-value prospects for O2 Business, with a personalised holographic digital expert.
Nov 16th 2015 11:59:34
Avios - The Avios 12 Hour Challenge
The Avios 12 Hour Challenge
We sent TV presenter Laura Whitmore to Berlin to spend the savings she made courtesy of Avios.
Nov 16th 2015 11:59:26

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