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Tweet : Apr 20th 2018 15:18
Don't forget to give up your seats for anyone with a #MarathonLegs badge next Monday! #GoBigTogether @buxtonwater
Tweet : Apr 20th 2018 13:05
Chuffed to have our talent development programme recognised by @The_IPA! #CPDGold
Tweet : Apr 19th 2018 14:32
Writer’s block? No problem. @allylovessloths has a a top tip for you, “don’t get it right, just get it written”. Get ya pens out folks ????
Tweet : Apr 18th 2018 17:35
Very excited to see our work for @heiststudios twice nominated for the #drumdesign awards! Fingers crossed for good news in June
Tweet : Apr 18th 2018 17:29
When your newsroom lands on @Twitter 's Creative Roundup
Tweet : Apr 18th 2018 15:27
.@jenmusgreave wants you to BE BOLD. “Whatever you do, or dream you can do, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it. Begin it now” - Goethe
Tweet : Apr 18th 2018 13:24
Brutal simplicity from @marshaalex1. When you encounter a difficult decision, ask yourself “is the juice worth the squeeze?” #FoodForThought
Tweet : Apr 18th 2018 12:02
Wow, we won’t be playing poker with @JJHoppard anytime soon! “Sometimes nothin’ can be a real cool hand” - Paul Newman in Cool Hand Luke
Tweet : Apr 18th 2018 11:45
A favourite quote from the progressive Beatrice Farmelo. “The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice” - Martin Luther King
Tweet : Apr 17th 2018 14:40
Katherine D wants you to stay positive in the face of adversity. After all, “today’s news is tomorrow’s fish and chip paper”. Holla at that!! ????????????????
Tweet : Apr 17th 2018 11:27
We work with inspirational people everyday, so let’s see what they have to say. First up @matts145. He wants you to remember that “Power concedes nothing without a demand” - Frederick Douglass
Tweet : Apr 17th 2018 08:34
@kingasart Bad gal RoRo ?
Tweet : Apr 17th 2018 08:33
One of life’s biggest questions has been answered. It is indeed Ronak in the tweet seat. This week I’m going to remind you that inspiration is all around you, because no one ever says that right?
Tweet : Apr 16th 2018 14:35
@allylovessloths @JJHoppard Shots fired @JJHoppard (Thank you @allylovessloths).
Tweet : Apr 16th 2018 13:47
The sun is out & everyone's favourite Planner is in the Tweet Seat this week. Could life get any better for you? Why yes it can. Comment below with your guess of who is in the Tweet Seat to win a SPECIAL PRIZE. Psst, you're allowed a *CLUE*: her name begins with R.
Tweet : Apr 13th 2018 17:56
Well, that's it from me. Jade from Talent signing out. If anyone needs me, I'll be here.. Have great weekends all ??
Tweet : Apr 13th 2018 13:18
When Team Talent does lunch ???? @arabicafood #FridayFeeling
Tweet : Apr 12th 2018 17:18
.@Hiten_etc has been busy judging the @Drum_Design Awards this week. Nominations to be announced next Weds! Watch this space... #DrumDesign #Creative
Tweet : Apr 12th 2018 15:48
Planning Partner @jenmusgreave has her say on why 'demographic targeting is dead in the water' via @campaignmag
Tweet : Apr 12th 2018 10:38
NEW JOB! We're on the lookout for a proactive & ambitious Junior Producer. Passion for all things #Digital & #Social? Insanely organised & adaptable? Apply now; #NowHiring #Creative #Graduates #Marketing
Tweet : Apr 10th 2018 12:56
Extremely excited & proud to be announced as #ADCawards finalists for our @heiststudios campaign posters! A true testament to our #creative talent, hard work & commitment to craft. GO TEAM! ????????
Tweet : Apr 9th 2018 16:12
It was an absolute pleasure to host the @DMATalent #CreativeDataAcademy last week and we were especially impressed with the calibre of presentations and the group’s overall enthusiasm and energy!
Tweet : Apr 9th 2018 09:08
Morning all! Jade from the Talent team in the tweetseat this week. For a bit of #MondayMotivation check out these @TEDTalks on saving time and getting things done ????
Tweet : Apr 6th 2018 08:50
Prescient stuff. And, of course, good morning.
Tweet : Apr 4th 2018 16:26
The very brilliant @scromey shares his thinking on loyalty scheme cards and something called "Obese Wallet Syndrome" in @thedrum
Tweet : Apr 4th 2018 14:58
#Facebook is planning a change to the #CustomAudiences process. Marketers will be required to "represent and warrant" to Facebook that they have customers' consent when uploading data.
Tweet : Apr 4th 2018 14:47
RT @TheDataIQ: @Riddler73 Client services director at @RAPP_UK talks how marketing can lead in a data-driven world
Tweet : Apr 4th 2018 13:44
Perception is nine-tenths of the law lol jk i no don't @ me...
Tweet : Apr 4th 2018 10:19
MARKETING TRIVIA: the Chinese Gooseberry was renamed the Kiwifruit by New Zealand exporters to make it more palatable for the US market.
Tweet : Apr 3rd 2018 17:16
Ever come across this one? When you and I are talking, there are six people in the room.

Mercedes-Benz - Mercedes-Benz UK Motoring
(Daimler AG)
Mercedes-Benz UK Motoring
CRM/Customer engagement
Data operations, campaign set up, deployment, strategy, insight, reporting, development & testing.
Jun 2nd 2017 14:41:30
Marketing Manchester, VisitBritain and Virgin Atlantic  - It all starts in Manchester
Marketing Manchester, VisitBritain and Virgin Atlantic
(Marketing Manchester)
It all starts in Manchester
CRM/Customer engagement, Social
Online, OOH & PR stunts. Promoting Manchester to US travellers’ using Virgin Atlantic’s new routes.
May 26th 2017 17:42:16
Virgin Media - Stream Demon
Virgin Media
Stream Demon
CRM/Customer engagement, Social
CRM, creative, tech. solutions & proposition development & customer acquisition including analysis.
May 26th 2017 17:05:31
Krispy Kreme - Friends of Krispy Kreme
Krispy Kreme
(Krispy Kreme Food)
Friends of Krispy Kreme
CRM/Customer engagement
CRM & Digital delivering strategies, comms & existing loyalty programme (Friends of Krispy Kreme).
May 26th 2017 16:31:53
L'Oréal - CRM Hub
CRM/Customer engagement
CRM hub for 27 brands, 80+ campaigns a month & Club Matrix, a platform for distributors & salons.
May 26th 2017 16:07:39

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